Once, looking up a phone number by a person’s name was difficult or impossible. The phone book was of limited use, and many online sites weren’t really worth your time. However, with the rise of smartphone technology, that search has gotten far, far simpler. You’ll find a range of apps available that can help you lookup phone numbers, and they’re available for both Apple and for Android devices. What apps are worth looking into, though? Here are 10 of the best options.

  1. Reverse Phone Number Lookup: This app offers the ability to conduct reverse phone number searchers. Users simply have to input a phone number (either a cell or a landline number) and press the “lookup” button.
  2. Telephone Number Lookup: This app offers a wide range of information, from phone numbers to addresses and even the type of phone in question (cell or landline). It also tells you the name of the person’s carrier. Available @ Apple App Store
  3. Reverse Lookup: Reverse Lookup is an app designed to give you access to lots of information based on a name or business name. You can find phone numbers, addresses, city and state information, and more. This is an Android app.
  4. NumberGuru: NumberGuru is available for both Android and Apple phones, and gives you the ability to access both landlines and cell numbers on a national basis. Interestingly, the app also has a web-based version you can use.
  5. Reverse Phone Number Lookup by Betterclicx Apps is an Android app that provides information about phone calls made to you from the US or Canada. It includes both cell phones and landlines.
  6. Yellowbook: Yellowbook is really more about business phone numbers than anything else, but you’ll find that it’s pretty handy, particularly if you’re looking for information about a local company. Available for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone
  7. Who Is It?: Who Is It works for both iPhones and iPods, and provides information about both anonymous landline and cell phone calls.
  8. Reverse Phone Lookup: Reverse Phone Lookup from WhitePages.com lets you search through a database of more than 200 million names and numbers to find out who called you. Available for both Android , iPhone and Windows Phone.
  9. PhoneLookup: PhoneLookup from TAF Technology helps you do reverse phone searchers to determine who has been calling you, whether you’re trying to stop prank callers or threatening calls.
  10. uGUX: uGUX is a reverser phone number lookup app for iOS devices and lets you search for both landline and cell phones to determine who’s been calling you.

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